Books – Globe Painter

The Dance of 1000 faces, by David Shillinglaw.  This is a marvelous travel book that shows the work of English artist through the past few years: works on paper, canvas, wood… sketches that he made when he visited Gambia, walls he painted in several cities across the globe.

New York et moi, by Soledad Bravi. She’s sharing her love for this city thanks to this original guide that escapes clichés. (12,90€)

Stencil Republique. The book features 20 of the greatest street artists through their iconic work, shot on set, with a small interview underneath. (30€)

Cras, by Stephan Doitschinoff. This book is a collection of recent paintings, sculptures, installations, and public performances of the Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschinoff aka Calma. HE continues his acid critiques of our modern society thanks to his iconoclastic religious artworks. (44€)

Murmures du Monde, by Frédéric Soltan & Dominique Rabotteau. A poetic title for a political book that gathers messages whispered to the ears of walls. Walls are the legacy of stories written by anonymous people, which shows that people’s concerns are the same everywhere. (35€)

ExtraMuros “Chronique d’un Globe Painter”, by Julien Seth Malland. 3 years to discover eight countries, to collaborate with local urban artists, but also with the inhabitants. 3 years spent learning their way of working and savoir-faire. Trying not to impose a work, but instead trying to make it real by giving it a bit of everything that surrounds it. (32€)


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