Coca Cola’s polar bears are back


The Coca Cola Company has teamed up with producer Ridley Scott and the digital effects company Animal Logic to produce an entire short film, The Polar Bears.

This 6 minute feature film has been directed by the legendary producer Ridley Scott for Coca Cola. Featuring a family of Polar Bears, the film goes through the family’s struggles and joys within an important period for the Father Polar Bear, making certain family members realize their love for one another, bringing the family closer and reuniting them.

It’s a heartwarming story that tells the importance of family values.

Coke teased the project in the U.K. by releasing a 30-second commercial called Snow Bear that features the family lovingly building a snow bear together.

“We are excited to be bringing back a much-loved Coca-Cola icon this New Year. The animated polar bears epitomise the cheerful, heart-warming atmosphere that Coca-Cola is hoping to bring to many families this winter. The polar bears are a key part of Coke’s advertising heritage, appearing across much loved campaigns dating back 90 years.” Zoe Howorth, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain


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