Do Not Enter by Dan Witz

Dan Witz is a US street artist that has recently been described as one of the greatest artists of his generation.


One of the pioneers of street art, he has been doodling away since the 1970s, and shows no sign of slowing down. His work is all about being realistic, with every piece different from the last, and always hoping to shock and provoke emotion in those that see it. His work is designed not only to shock, but also confuse, with a lot of his work looking so realistic, it’s hard to tell the difference between art and reality: it’s really no surprise he’s had his work shown throughout the US and Europe.


But he’s more than a street artist; he’s done 18 books, taken part in several films, and is a self-confessed rebel, taking inspiration from punk rock. There’s a lot coming up for Dan Witz, including his 18th solo show at Jonathon Levine in a mere five months.





Dan’s Blog? Click here!


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