The French artist JR is photo-graffiti artist who pastes enormous black-and-white photographic canvases in various urban environments. He uses people’s portrays printed in large size to criticize problematic situations around the world. He has developed projects first in Paris and later all over the world in countries such as Brazil, Palestine, Israel, Kenya, India, France…


He started in his home town, Paris, in 2006 with his first project “Portraits of a generation”. He photographed the inhabitants living in the suburbs, the ones that media were presenting as dangerous and weird people.


In 2008 he started a big project named “Women are heroes”. The aim in this occasion was to criticize the situation of women around the world, who often are the ones suffering conflicts in the dark side that is never published on the media. He highlighted the challenges and violence faced by women in troubled countries across the world, from Sierra Leone and Cambodia to Brazil, Morocco and India. Through this posters media got the curiosity of what was exactly happening there and had to go up to ask to the people what was all about. This was the way that the women finally got to tell their stories and were able to share them with the rest of the country.







women-are-heroes-kibera-nairobi-kenya-2008He’s amazing! Check his website here !


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