Sara Conti and her Matryoshka Dolls

Sara Conti is a Belgium street artist who is the master of Matryoshka dolls.

Sara Conti

Every time she starts with a little drawing on a sketchbook. Than she is developing the idea with illustrator on her computer. The project is up to a print shop where they make big Xeroxes. Sara hands cut the print and put the color on it (which means hours and hours of work). When it’s all ready, she pastes it up on urban walls. Sara always does her pasting’s during the day to photograph the work. Her work is ephemeral, so it’s very important to fix it.

saraconti11The photo is the memory of her work.


“In 1989, my mother took me with her to travel to Moscow and Leningrad (which is now St. Petersburg) in Russia.
The matriochkas weren’t known at all, and I discovered those beautiful dolls up there. It is a very symbolic object to me. I associate it with the figure of the mother. So, years later, I constructed an imaginary universe inhabited by matriochkas, symbols of femininity. They’re goddesses, a feminine presence in the streets, as Venuses of Willendorf of the XXIst Century. You know, I’m a woman so I simply use a woman character to express myself. And I use it, and will use it again, until I will have nothing more to say about what I feel about my life and the absurd world on which we’re living.  It’s important to paste up feminine characters in the streets of this man’s world, don’t you think?” Sara Conti

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Sara’s blog? click here!


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