Guillaume Alby aka Remed is a French artist who is known for his brightly-colored large-scale murals and canvas works. His style is instantly recognizable and uses strong shapes and visual images to draw the viewer in. Remed has a way with mixing styles from past and present. His minimalist approach is just as effective.

Unusual and original with heavily-patterned Art Nouveau style works mixed with a talent to create art on any available surface.





“About the form, the masters I most respect are Modigliani, Picasso, Fernand Leger, Matisse, Delonay, Wasser, Moore, Miro, Bosch…but also outsider art, especially Carlo Zinelli and Lesage, and eventually, graphic design, and graffiti. Concerning the writing, I’ve been influenced by rapping, oriental calligraphy, typography, tags and pixaçào.”


.Charlie & Remed






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