Light’s Edge

Light flares in remote snowy areas to make fantastical and serene images

Kevin Cooler is an American landscape photographer and video artist especially known for his night photography.

The majority of them are beams of light shooting into or out of the sky. Others show how lighting can affect the atmosphere. Either way, they are a great way of showing off light’s magical properties in photographs.

Superb pics!


Nature is the muse, and man is the explorer. Breathtaking night views of American landscapes are illuminated by serie distress signals, possibly messages coming from above or vice-versa. Light shooting through the sky highlights an endangered beauty and at the same time represents a divine or extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Taking photographs, for Cooley, is a lonely job, infused with silence and meditation. This contemplative mood, along with a sense of wonder and fear, permeates the entire new body of work.








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