Think different, really

Think Different is a very creative project from Viktor Hertz, a Swedish graphic designer.

think apple22“Dear Apple,

this is not meant to be an infringement on your corporate business and logo (or maybe it already is?). This is my tribute to Apple, and all the creativeness that surrounds your company and your products. If you want me to take these images down, please contact me, and I will (I hope you’re fine with it, though). If you happen to even like this little project of mine, feel free to write me a note, I have lots of more ideas. I did these in less than 48 hours. Give me a week, and I’ll make you a hundred. I think different.


Viktor Hertzthink apple21

think apple20 think apple19 think apple18 think apple17 think apple16 think apple15 think apple14 think apple13 think apple12 think apple11 think apple10 think apple9 think apple8 think apple7 think apple6 think apple5 think apple4 think apple3 think apple2 think apple1


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