Mr. Brainwash

Mr Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta is a well-known French street artist. Mr Brainwash rose to prominence via the 2010 Banksy film Exit Through A Gift Shop and he created the cover art for Madonna’s Celebration album.

Mr Brainwash has become known for taking famous works of art and giving them a Mr-Brainwash-Make-over. This basically consists of some special Photoshop skills and a splash of Andy Warhol style pop-art. It sounds pretty simple but the exhibits really make you look at art in a completely different way and it even makes you appreciate the original work that bit more…


.mr brainwash3

.mr brainwash9

.mr brainwash

.mr brainwash2

.mr brainwash12


.mr brainwash7

.mr brainwash4

.mr brainwash5

Yes, below it’s Thierry Guetta, the Mr. Brainwash !!

mr brainwash13



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