Navid Baraty

Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty left an unfulfilling career in engineering to pursue his photographic passion.

Navid’s work has won numerous awards and has appeared in publications and exhibitions worldwide. His work has also been used in a large-scale installation.

His work has been featured by National Geographic, CNN, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, CBS New York, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, BMW and so on…

Amazing photographies!

navid baraty2

.navid baraty3

.Navid Baraty Blizzard

.Navid Baraty Blizzard2






.navid baraty

.Navid Baraty4

.Navid Baraty5

.Navid Baraty Earth2

.Navid Baraty Earth

.Navid Baraty Earth4

.Navid Baraty Earth3

.Navid Baraty Earth5

.Navid Baraty Parade

.Navid Baraty Parade2

.Navid Baraty Parade3

.Navid Baraty Tokyo

.Navid Baraty Tokyo2

.Navid Baraty NYC

.Navid Baraty NYC2

.Navid Baraty 5

Willing to see more?! go on his website here!


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