Stik’s characters

An homeless street artist who turned Superstar in the UK

Eighteen months ago, he was a homeless street artist prepared to risk his life and freedom to leave his trademark stickmen across London’s skyline. Today Stik has become one of British art’s hottest properties. He has been created his favorite “stikmen” for over ten years.

So what is it with the stick men?

It’s funny that in English we call them stickmen but they’re actually stick people. They’re the essence of a human. That’s what you draw when you’re a kid. It’s beyond gender, race, class and all these adult concepts. It’s something quite pure.

Why don’t they have mouths?

They don’t have mouths because they’re silent. They’re just observing. A lot of art is saying look at me, look at me, look at me. I like to create art that’s looking at you.”













Interview by Matt Weiner


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