Miniatures of artists in their studios

Joe Fig is a Brooklyn-based artist who developed a series of miniature dioramas, entitled Inside the Painter’s Studio. This series shows in a very meticulous ways artists at work in their own studios.

He produced 24 pieces that range in size from just 4 inches to 60 inches. The tiny details portray the personalities and work of each person and, as a result, we get a rare and tiny glimpse into the world of many famous artists including Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol.

Jackson Pollock

Miniature JacksonPollock


Pippa McGuiness

Miniature Pippa_McGinness1


Roy LichtensteinMiniature RoyLichtenstein


Will CottonMiniature WullCotton


Jim RosenquistMiniature JimRosenquist


Andy WahrolMiniature AndyWarhol


Jasper JohnsMiniature JasperJohns


BrancusiMiniature Brancusi


Inka EssenhighMiniature InkaEssenhigh


Ross BlecknerMiniature RossBleckner


Chuck CloseMiniature Chuck_Summer


Matthew RitchieMiniature MatthewRitchie


Willem de KooningMiniature WillemdeKooning


Henri MatisseMiniature HenriMatisse


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