John Matos aka CRASH is an American graffiti artist from the Bronx, New York. “Crash started spray painting New York City trains at the age of 13. He was first noticed through his murals on subway cars and building and is now known as a pioneer of the Graffiti art movement. In 1980, Crash curated an exhibition called “Graffiti Art Success for America” at Fashion MODA. This exhibition placed the graffiti movement into the limelight and has created the platform for progress that we see today. “

“In 1995, Crash was commissioned by British American Tabacco to create a commission for Lucky Strike brand cigarette, joining fellow artist Keith Haring, to create a special work for this company and their collection.”

And what’s more? Crash’s work has been featured in museums and galleries around the world and includes custom-painted guitars for Eric Clapton and John Mayer! Really amazing !

ottr_John Crash9

.ottr_John Crash8

And below are some other pics of John Crash’s work !  Enjoy !!

ottr_John Crash10


.ottr_John Crash7

.ottr_John Crash5

.ottr_John Crash6

.ottr_John Crash4

.ottr_John Crash3

.ottr_John Crash2

.ottr_John Crash1



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