1,000 Rosen

Located in Zweibrücken, Germany, The Rose Garden of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria grows more than 60,000 roses of 2,000 varieties and, as a result, Zweibrücken is appropriately known as the City of Roses. In celebration of this alluring flower, German artist Ottmar Hörl developed a massive public art installation, entitled 1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken (1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken).

According to myth, a rose sprouts from the blood of the dying Adonis. If we retrace the rose in poetry – for example in the works of Anacreon, Angelus Silesius, William Shakespeare, Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Rainer Maria Rilke, Christian Morgenstern or Gertrude Stein – we encounter verses of wisdom about the deeper meaning of life – love, beauty, transience. The rose is ephemeral, its image eternal. The rose became a symbol of orientation for enlightenment, for inward and outward journeys, and has also been instrumentalized as a symbol of freedom.




.1000 Rosen

Have a look on Ottmar Hörl’s website! Click here!


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