Fluorescent Isometric Forms

Aakash Nihalani is an American street artist who creates fluorescent isometric forms. His 3D works are made with luminescent tape, often mounted upon walls or other static structures, jump out of their environment, creating optical illusions.

It’s an amazing kind of urban trompe l’oeil.




.Aakash Nihalani


.Aakash Nihalani_01

.Aakash Nihalani_03

.Aakash Nihalani_05

.Aakash Nihalani_07

.Aakash Nihalani_13

.Aakash Nihalani_14

.Aakash Nihalani_17

.Aakash Nihalani_Aug12_1_1000

.Aakash Nihalani_Aug12_3_1000

.Aakash Nihalani_Aug12_4_1000

.Aakash Nihalani_Aug12_6_1000

Willing to see more? Click here!


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