Margarida Girão

Margarida Girão is a Portuguese illustrator who mixed feminine sexuality and wild atmosphere in order to create strong visually collages.

Her work is lovely, definitely. It makes me smile with those adorable collages.

You can join her on Facebook, Twitter, Society6 or visit her website!

Margarida Girão13

.Margarida Girão12

.Margarida Girão21 Margarida Girão3 margarida_girao









3 thoughts on “Margarida Girão

    • Hi Margarida,
      All pleasure is for me! Please give me some update with your work so I will definitely make another post.
      Your creative style is fantastic, sincerely.
      Cheers, Melanie

  1. Thanks! I’ve some new works related with music and fashion, you can check them on my site ( And by November, my second limited-fashion-collection it’s going to be out.
    Keep in touch, and have a nice day. : )


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