Anamorphosis Art

Bernard Pras is a French artist who recreates classic masterpieces with recycled materials. He uses the anamorphosis technique, which is the art of sticking objects on a canvas to give the work texture and dimension.

From afar, each of his pieces appear like seamless paintings. However, if you look closer you will see that Pras doesn’t use paint or paper for his collages, but instead hundreds of pieces of discarded trash. Bernard Pras will use everything: shoes, food cartons, guitare, bicyle, TV, toilet paper tolls, doll hands, wood … that he will arrange in order to create a realistic piece. Then, he protographs the installation and it becomes a two dimensional image.

“Pras gives an eco spin on the craft by using his pieces to not only creating realistic portrayals of his subjects, but drawing attention to the massive collection of trash used to form each piece”.

















Have a look on some of his installations. It’s pretty amazing!



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