Etam Cru

Etam Cru is a Polish graffiti duo made up of street artists Bezt and Sainer. They have decided to unite their powers to create large scale murals on walls throughout Poland. For their majestic murals, they are using extraordinary vivid colours with an impressive level of detail is rather in all their pieces. They have adorned the streets and walls of other countries of Europe, including Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Portugal.

Etam Cru’s artwork is incredible!!

etam cru

.etam cru1

.etam cru2

.etam cru3

.etam cru4

.etam cru5

.etam cru6

.etam cru16

.etam cru7

.etam cru8

.etam cru9

.etam cru10

.etam cru11

.etam cru12

.etam cru17

.etam cru13 etam cru14

.etam cru15

Have a look on Etam Cru’s website, click here!


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