They are us

In addition to his paintings and fantastic colorful street pieces, Maser designs amazing graffiti. He took his inspiration for the typefaces and colors from the hand-painted signs and adverts seen around the city of Dublin between the 1930s and 1960s.

“They are us” is a project created by Maser, in which he designs a series of positive messages being placed around the city. His work is directly inspired by his passion for his hometown: “Dublin is a central theme in my work. I spent some time traveling and painting when I was younger. The more I travelled, the more I realised how great this city is. I loved it more from being away.”

This theme of hope led to a connection with musician Damian Dempsey. “With my work, I want to portray a positive message, but still address what I encountered on the street. And that is what Damien Dempsey does with his music. I think my work is reflective of what’s in Damien’s music. He’s a local hero to me. His words have weight behind them, people listen to them. And I thought it would be interesting to intertwine what we were doing.”

For the “They are us” series, he kept same old-fashioned style as the old adverts. Superb results !!

maser quote

.maser quote2

.maser quote3

.maser quote4

.maser quote5

.maser quote6

.maser quote7

.maser quote8

.maser quote9

.maser quote10

.maser quote11

.maser quote12

.maser quote13

.maser quote14

.maser quote15

.maser quote16

.maser quote17

.maser quote18

.maser quote19

.maser quote20

Have a look on his website, click here!


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