Fragile Future

Fragile Future is an installation designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift, which was presented at Design Miami/Basel in 2011.

Fragile Future is a modular system combining nature and technology in a perfect balance. The 3-Dimensional bronze electronical circuits contain luminous dandelion seed heads and bolt together to form a power circuit overgrowing walls, floors and ceilings, forming sculptures and chandeliers.

Its unique structure evokes a feeling of timelessness and fragility in nature, of being immortal and ephemeral at the same time.


fragile future

.fragile future2

.fragile future6

.fragile future4

.fragile future10

.fragile future9

.fragile future8

.fragile future3

.fragile future5

.fragile future13

.fragile future7

.fragile future12

.fragile future16

.fragile future20

.fragile future17

.fragile future19

.fragile future18


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