Life’s a beach

Life’s a beach is a photobook made by Martin Paar. He brung together his pictures in a limited-edition photo album (1000 copies) signed by him.

Parr was always fascinated by the beach and it was the central subject in his photography since his early carrier. “The seaside has to be one of the most fascinating places for people-watching. It is a place where we relax and lose our inhibitions, and that’s when true personalities come on display”.

He has been photographing this subject for many decades, documenting all aspects of the tradition, including close-ups of sunbathers, rambunctious swimmers caught mid-plunge, and the eternal sandy picnic underway.

Paar took photographs of beaches in different corners of the world, and the book depict beach-goers in Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and of course, the UK.

life's a beach2

.life's a beach3

.life's a beach4

.life's a beach5

.life's a beach8

.life's a beach9

.life's a beach20

.life's a beach21

.life's a beach22

.life's a beach23

.life's a beach24

.life's a beach25

.life's a beach26

.life's a beach27

.life's a beach28

.life's a beach29

.life's a beach10

.life's a beach11

.life's a beach12

.life's a beach13

.life's a beach14

.life's a beach15

.life's a beach16

.life's a beach17 life's a beach7life's a beach6


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