Sten Lex

Sten Lex is a duo of Italian street artists from Rome (Stan) and Taranto (Lex) in Italy. Both born in 1982, they work together since 2000.

Pioneers in their use of stencil in Italy, the duo invest the streets of Rome since 2001. They quickly obtained international fame thanks to their impressive portraits of anonymous people pasted in the cities across the world.

Their works are made ​​from thousands of strips of paper and compose portraits of people that both artists have themselves photographed, found among family albums or that are merely anonymous people.

Impressionism was mainly characterised by the contrasts between the lights and shades that would fix the painter’s feelings on the canvas. And, painting en plein air was particularly important to the impressionists. We were certainly influenced by the impressionist movement, but our main influences from a stylistic standpoint are the silk-screen printing and the pixel-based printing. Thanks to the software, we have been able to create some works we could not have done in any other way. In the past, we used to transform digital graphics in paintings by means of the stencils, but now we start from drawings and sketches and we try to make them similar to their original technique, only with more impulsiveness and by trying to erase any digital remainder.” Sten Lex

I really like their unique and dynamic murals with their amazing work on the texture !

sten lex

.sten lex1


sten lex23

.sten lex2

.sten lex3

.sten lex4

.sten lex5

.sten lex6

.sten lex7

.sten lex8

.sten lex9

.sten lex10

.sten lex11

.sten lex12 sten lex13

.sten lex14

.sten lex15

.sten lex16

.sten lex17


sten lex18

.sten lex19

.sten lex20

.sten lex21

.sten lex22

Have a look on Sten Lex’s website, click here!


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