Francesco Bongiorni’s visuals

Francesco Bongiorni is an Italian freelance illustrator who depicts clever illustrations.

From relationships and social issues to business & strategy topics, Bongiorni transforms those large scale problems into simple looking visuals that help readers understand the message with more clarity. He already creates minimalist and conceptual illustrations for some great newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Business Week.

Clear, great, powerful!

Francesco Bongiorni

.Francesco Bongiorni2

.Francesco Bongiorni3

.Francesco Bongiorni4

.Francesco Bongiorni5

.Francesco Bongiorni6

.Francesco Bongiorni7

.Francesco Bongiorni8

.Francesco Bongiorni9

.Francesco Bongiorni10

.Francesco Bongiorni11

.Francesco Bongiorni12

.Francesco Bongiorni13


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