Massive Ice Message

Nicole Dextras is a Canadian environmental artist who creates large ice installations with a message to share.

What it is interesting in her work is the message only lasts as long as the weather permits it. For her Signs of Changeseries, she used wooden forms to create ice words that ranged from 18inches to 8 feet tall and placed them in various locations throughout Canada from the highly trafficked metropolis of Toronto to the pristine corners of the Yukon. She chose to color in some of the sculptures to make them stand out more and make sure her message gets noticed and takes photographs and time lapse videos to record their life and eventual death.

When the ice texts are installed on site, the temperature determines how
 long it will take for them to change state from solid to liquid. This 
phase of transition becomes symbolic of the interconnectedness of 
language and culture to the land as they are affected by time and by a 
constant shifting and transforming nature. Nicole Dextras

I love her environmental concept!

nicole dextras

.nicole dextras2

.nicole dextras3

.nicole dextras4

.nicole dextras5How does a city justify a concrete park on busy thoroughfare?

.nicole dextras13

.nicole dextras14Is that logical to cut down these mighty trees?

.nicole dextras6

.nicole dextras7

.nicole dextras8

.nicole dextras9

.nicole dextras10

.nicole dextras11

.nicole dextras12 What about our natural resources nowadays? This is the answer.

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