Seikon is a Polish graffiti and street-art artist from Gdynia who paints with bright geometric shapes and designs puzzles of colors. He is known for his “signature geometric line-based imagery”.

He has an amazing understanding of light and dark with the creation of shadows in his murals. By using this technique, his murals come to life as 3D structures.

His work might appears linear and rigid, but that’s not what it is about;
Seikon’s work is about allowing our minds to run free!

. seikon3
. seikon4
. seikon5
. seikon6
. seikon7
. seikon9
. seikon10
. seikon11
. seikon12
. seikon13
. seikon14
. seikon15
. seikon16
. seikon17
. seikon18
. seikon19
. seikon20
. seikon21

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