Twisted Metal Animals

DALeast is a FANTASTIC street artist from China as well as a prominent figure of the street art movement !

He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began doing street art at 2004 under the alias DAL. He is inspired by the way the material world revolves, how the spiritual world unfolds, life’s emotions and the infinite space around us.

It is impressive how his twisted metal animals come to life, on every mural!

DALeast give a fantastic visual impact with the movement and vibrancy of 
his murals!!
. DALeast2
. DALeast3
. DALeast4
. DALeast5
. DALeast6
. DALeast7
. DALeast8
. DALeast9
. DALeast10 . DALeast12
. DALeast13
. DALeast14
. DALeast15
. DALeast16
. DALeast17
. DALeast18
. DALeast19
. DALeast20
. DALeast21
Have a look on his website, click here!

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