Swedish studio Belatchew Arkitekter wants to transform a Stockholm skyscraper into a wind farm by covering it in thousands of electricity-generating bristles. What a surprising and fantastic idea !!

The concept is concept is to transform Henning Larsen‘s Söder Torn tower by adding a 16-storey extension over the top of the building, then covering the entire facade in hairy-looking plastic straws designed to move with the wind.

According the designers, as the straws sway in the wind the mechanical stress would generate an electric charge, which could then be used to provide power to the building itself along with the surrounding area. This technology could turn any building, whether old or new, into its own energy source, while producing less noise and requiring lower wind speeds than a typical wind turbine.

Powerful concept!
belatchew_arkitekter_strawscraper-5 BelatchewArkitekterStrawscraper1
. BelatchewArkitekterStrawscraper2
. BelatchewArkitekterStrawscraper3

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