Childhood Doodles

Snyder is a Southern California based artist who works in both the urban street atmosphere and gallery settings, but specializes in community based installations that encourage the development of artistic cultures.

"I have been creating large quantities of art my entire life beginning with
over a decade of childhood doodles.
These doodles included copying favorite cartoon characters at a young 
age and slowly evolved into a simple template accessorized to make my 
own character. This character remained in the pages of my childhood 
drawings until a few years ago when I began hiding renditions of him 
painted on cardboard in the Carlsbad village. Like the drawings I grew 
up doing in the margins of my school notes, on napkins and on restaurant 
places-mats, they were just doodles. Word of these hidden doodles spread
and people began referring to them as Doodles and asked when the next 
Doodle was to be hidden. The name stuck." 


. snyder_3
. Snyder_4
. snyder_7
. snyder_8
. snyder_9
. snyder_10
. snyder_11
. snyder_12
. snyder_13
. snyder-1
. Snyder-5
. snyder-6
. snyder-9

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