Miami Houses

Léo Caillard is a Paris-based photographer who has captured the beach huts of Miami with such vibrancy that we wish we could enter the images and hang out there for hours, paddling in the waters and lounging around on the sand.

 “Referencing the work of the Becher, of Düsseldorf school of visual art 
of the 70’s. Through repetition of a strict formal composition, the initial
understanding of the function of the subject gradually fades as 
an analysis of the form of the subject. The repetition creates an 
inevitable comparison between images, thus informing the viewer as to 
the multiplicity of differences.” Léo Caillard

Each image is composed in a fairly uniform manner, with the same ratio-bands of sky, sea, and sand emphasizing the decorative and structural differences of each hut.















2 thoughts on “Miami Houses

    • Yes, they are lifeguard stands. I’m not sure if they are occupied but I think so. They are definitely so good looking!

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