Nunca’s figurative work

Francisco Rodrigues da Silva aka Nunca is a fantastic Brazilian street artist from São Paulo. He is known for confronting modern Brazil with its native past by depicting indigenous people on countless walls.

Using sketches as the base for his compositions, Nunca enjoys going big, feeling that he can improvise and give himself more freedom when he works on a large scale. His walls often have a bright spectrum of colors and his use of hatching lines to give the forms volume and definition.

He often show the differences and the clash of cultures.

"My work centers around the changing, mixing and invasion of one kind of
 culture by another, and especially the interaction of old and tribal 
ways of living and the modern way of life. … The mural with the 
indigenous person throwing the shoe in the businessman's face represents
 the conflict between new values and ways of living with the millennial 
and tribal ways of living and understanding the world." Nunca

"That is something unusual to feel but it's important for me, to be 
between friends, painting together, exchanging information and knowing 
that what I'm doing is something that's going to change an area for 
better." Nunca



















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