Matt W. Moore

Born in 1980, Matt W. Moore is an incredible painter, aerosol artist and designer based in Portland, Maine USA. He works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature “Vectorfunk” style to fashion apparels, and massive aerosol murals.

Cross-pollinating between disciplines allows him to constantly refresh his perspective and produce unique work. Applying his vision to new surfaces or in collaboration with others always proves his credo!

“When I'm not collaborating with design or illustration clients, I am 
getting busy in my painting laboratory doing things the old school way. 
My fine art has evolved alongside my design work, and I've had the 
pleasure of exhibiting this work in galleries and museums all around the 

Recently, he has exhibited his canvases and done murals in Los Angeles, São Paolo, and Paris. Matt W. Moore Graphics works with clients such as Coca-Cola, Burton, Citroen, Diesel, Microsoft, Nike and Ray-Ban.

He truly has an unique style. I am totally a big FAN of him! Thanks for your creativity!!




















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