Manu Prozak is a Brazilian street artist from São Paulo.Prozak is a nickname  of the famed numbing pill over a decade ago as a remedy for the social issues of today, notably those affecting his beloved São Paulo. The Brazilian often uses this theme in his paintings. “It started out as kind of a joke, as though painting the streets was my own Prozak.”

Because he grew up in the Brazilian epicenter of graffiti artists, Prozak learnt very quickly the basics of street art; and discovered Pixação, a traditional and idiosyncratic tag scene originating from the city of drizzle.

Since the 90’s, he has been involved in graffiti and street art projects.

“I always liked art and being on the street. So when I was at 
art school around 1997, I started doing graffiti with two skateboarder 
friends of mine” 
 “I just couldn’t stand the traditional art world, 
its elitism and frills, so frivolous and distant from regular people and
 society. So painting on the street was just a natural choice for me. I 
wanted to do free public art with no rigid rules where money and the art
 market have no involvement” Prozak











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