Twisting Buckets

Using ingenuity and superior craftsmanship Brooklyn-based artist Jason Peters creates glowing light installations consisting of plastic buckets strung together in snake-like formations.

And everything began with garbage.  Indeed, Peters had collected hundreds of buckets – the five gallon type often found in hardware stores.  His installations utilize these buckets to form huge winding installations.

Transforming discarded items into unexpected works of art has been Peters’ artistic mission since graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

"By using large multiples of 
discarded items in repeating designs that establish unexpected patterns,
 societal cast offs are made beautiful through the alliteration of form.
 Once removed from their traditional context, the objects' interaction 
with the environment becomes unpredictable and unstable." Peters

. jasonpeters2
. jasonpeters3
. jasonpeters4
. jasonpeters5 
. jasonpeters7
Those installations look like an enormous and glowing snake... really!
Anyway, amazing work!!!

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