WK Interact

WK aka WK Interact is a French born artist from Caen who now lives and works in New York City. He is known for vivid works that capture people or events mid-action.

WK is 
interested with the human body in motion, his paintings of figures 
frozen in a flight of movement reflects this infatuation. The artist’s 
unique process involves a technique of twisting an original drawing 
or photograph while it’s being photocopied, resulting in the 
monochromatic palette and streamlined moment-in-time appearance of his 
finished work. WK site-determines his placements by finding an 
appropriate location first, then his imagery is chosen specifically with
 a concern for encounters in an urban environment or “interactions” (as 
the artist indicates in his pseudonym).

Impressive black & white murals !!

















.wk-interact portrait


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