From Museums to Streets

Julien de Casabianca, a French filmmaker and visual artist, initiated the Outings project in Paris and London. This participative project aims to broaden the reach of fine art by moving some museum art visuals to streets.

julien de casabianca16

.julien de casabianca1

How did de Casabianca started?

During a visit at the Louvre, an unremarkarble portrait caught his eye. “I saw a 
young woman in an abandoned painting in the corner, she was bored,” “I had a ‘Prince 
Charming’ impulse: I wanted to free her from the castle to give her a second life.”

Since then, many artists have joined him around the world: Dallas, London, Roma, Gdansk, NYC, San Francisco, Madrid, Barcelona… This project is also considered as a re-appreciation of our urban space with the integration of classic art to all places.

How to participate?

With your phone, photograph the portraits of people on museum walls, print them, and move them to streets walls.

 No one really watch them in their frames. Smalls. Forgotten.

We bring them back to life in the new world.

julien de casabianca8


julien de casabianca7


julien de casabianca6

.julien de casabianca5

.julien de casabianca4

.julien de casabianca3

.julien de casabianca2

.julien de casabianca14

julien de casabianca13

.julien de casabianca12

,julien de casabianca11

.julien de casabianca10

.julien de casabianca9


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