Crack up the street

Don’t Fret is a Chicago native street artist. Despite the large number of Chicago artists, Don’t Fret’s style has set him apart from the other conceptual artists who use wheatpaste on city walls. He captures what he sees in the daily life and try to transfer his daydreaming and reflection into schrewdly drawn colourful individuals. Mainly pedestrians from the neighborhood, his work always mix humour and reality.

don't fret8

.don't fret



don't fret17

With the uncertainty of how long a piece will remain up or get damaged, exhibiting work on the streets is a real challenge. Don’t Fret imagines his characters as multidimensional, really exploring their unique personalities to make them come alive in his work

“I’m interested in the relationship between image and text, because these days it’s everywhere. I think our brains are used to processing information in that format.” DF

don't fret11

don't fret12

.don't fret13

.don't fret2

.don't fret1

.don't fret14

.don't fret15

.don't fret16

.don't fret18

Chicagoist talked with Fret about his work, which has a humorous voice that Brooklyn Street Art says “cracks up the streets.”

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don't fret10

.don't fret9 don't fret7

.don't fret4



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