Crack up the street

Don’t Fret is a Chicago native street artist. Despite the large number of Chicago artists, Don’t Fret’s style has set him apart from the other conceptual artists who use wheatpaste on city walls. He captures what he sees in the daily life and try to transfer his daydreaming and reflection into schrewdly drawn colourful individuals. Mainly pedestrians from the neighborhood, his work always mix humour and reality.

don't fret8

.don't fret



don't fret17

With the uncertainty of how long a piece will remain up or get damaged, exhibiting work on the streets is a real challenge. Don’t Fret imagines his characters as multidimensional, really exploring their unique personalities to make them come alive in his work

“I’m interested in the relationship between image and text, because these days it’s everywhere. I think our brains are used to processing information in that format.” DF

don't fret11

don't fret12

.don't fret13

.don't fret2

.don't fret1

.don't fret14

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.don't fret16

.don't fret18

Chicagoist talked with Fret about his work, which has a humorous voice that Brooklyn Street Art says “cracks up the streets.”

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don't fret10

.don't fret9 don't fret7

.don't fret4



From Museums to Streets

Julien de Casabianca, a French filmmaker and visual artist, initiated the Outings project in Paris and London. This participative project aims to broaden the reach of fine art by moving some museum art visuals to streets.

julien de casabianca16

.julien de casabianca1

How did de Casabianca started?

During a visit at the Louvre, an unremarkarble portrait caught his eye. “I saw a 
young woman in an abandoned painting in the corner, she was bored,” “I had a ‘Prince 
Charming’ impulse: I wanted to free her from the castle to give her a second life.”

Since then, many artists have joined him around the world: Dallas, London, Roma, Gdansk, NYC, San Francisco, Madrid, Barcelona… This project is also considered as a re-appreciation of our urban space with the integration of classic art to all places.

How to participate?

With your phone, photograph the portraits of people on museum walls, print them, and move them to streets walls.

 No one really watch them in their frames. Smalls. Forgotten.

We bring them back to life in the new world.

julien de casabianca8


julien de casabianca7


julien de casabianca6

.julien de casabianca5

.julien de casabianca4

.julien de casabianca3

.julien de casabianca2

.julien de casabianca14

julien de casabianca13

.julien de casabianca12

,julien de casabianca11

.julien de casabianca10

.julien de casabianca9

Like a Vision

Mr. Thoms recently finished an indoor piece in the city of Ferentino, Italy. This witty mural depicts the average Facebook user who obsesses over likes and comments. What a great realistic work!

This new mural is well representative of Mr. Thoms illustrative signature and is plenty of commentaries!

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mr thoms


.mr thoms2

.mr thoms3

.like a vision

And please, take 2 minutes to watch the video and get impressed by the entire 
realisation! Select number 7!


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Never Crew

NEVERCREW is a duo of street artists Swiss, Christian Rebecchi and broadcast by HBO Pablo Togni, born around 1996, whose artistic production varies from urban art to illustration, graphics, sculpture, toys art, contaminated together to create hybrid works. Their interest is not to find a way to forcedly channel their thoughts into a precise stylistic and formal way, but rather to create a new language that allows them to follow them, explore them and share them. They combines graffiti and other disciplines to create complex street art pieces.

Fantastic murals!

Never crew - Copy

.never crew3 - Copy

.never crew7 - Copy

.never crew8 - Copy

.never crew9 - Copy

.never crew10

.never crew11.nevercrew12



Russian Bears

Lonac and Svenki,two Croatian artists have recently joined their forces to create a large scale mural in their hometown of Zagreb. Based on a concept Svenki created a while ago, the artist further developed the image by adding Lonac’ realistic image and bear once they started working on the actual mural.

The Russian bears are born!





Indian Fairy Tales

WAONE and AEC from Interesni Kazki are currently in India where they just finished working on a new series of pieces somewhere in Varkala and Pothamedu.
As usual with the Ukrainian painters, their fantastic imagination brings us three incredible images filled with their signature imaginary, fairy tale characters and vibrant colors.

“Eternal vs Temporal” mural by WAONE






“Holy Slipper” mural by AEC

Holy slipper 2

.Holy slipper detail1

.Holy slipper detail2

.Holy slipper


“Visit Of Saturn” mural by AEC

Visit of Saturn

.Visit of Saturn3+2

.Visit of Saturn4

Have a look on their website for more murals!

Broken boat


In a recent collaboration, street artists Pixel Pancho and Vhils combined their unique styles to paint a mural located in Lisbon, Portugal. Vhils is well-known for etching imagery into walls whereas Pixel Pancho has for favorite work to paint robot.

The new visual features a Steampunk android that’s composed of gears, nuts, bolts, and cloaked in a man’s face. He’s holding a broken boat, and it’s unclear whether or not he will empty his toy into the nearby Tagus river, into the Atlantic Ocean.

This collaboration between both artists is extraordinary!



Watering Art

Natalia Rak is a fantastic artist and graphic designer that emerge from the Polish contemporary art scene.  She realized an impressive vibrant large-scale painting that was painted as part of the Folk on the Street art festival in Białystok, Poland. Entitled The Legend of Giants, the mural shows a young giant girl wearing a traditional polish outfit while watering a tree. The tree, which seems to be big in the daily life appears to be vulnerable in front of this young girl. However, she’s taking care of her little tree, hoping it will grow faster.

Born in 1986, she received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lodz, Poland, specializing in graphic arts.







Please, have a look on her great blog, she’s great !

natalia rak

.natalia rak2